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Power Generation
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EFD Induction - Induction Heating Equipment, Systems and Services

EFD Induction is Europe's largest -- and the world's second largest -- maker of induction heating equipment for industrial applications. Their solutions deliver safe, reliable, flameless and cost-effective heat for numerous applications in the energy industry.

From renewable energy to offshore construction, EFD Induction equipment and services play a critical role in keeping production and people on time and on budget. They are particularly well established and experienced in the power generation and distribution, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries.

Power generation and distribution

EFD Induction equipment is used around the world for various brazing applications in the power generation, distribution and utilities sectors. They are a proven and trusted partner, having to date supplied hundreds of systems to customers such as Siemens, GE, ABB and Alstom.

Bolt Expansion

Compact and mobile EFD Induction Minac systems, for example, are ideal for brazing series connections in generators. With a Minac, operators can easily access the work areas. The absence of open flames also protects the insulation. And the localised heat produced by induction means the insulation can come closer to the brazing point without risking damage. EFD Induction systems are also used to shrink fit and remove components on turbines and turbo generators. The components involved range from various types of rings to commutators, hubs and couplings.

The speed and reliability of their mobile Minac system make it an increasingly popular choice for bolt expansion tasks in power stations. "Twin" Minac systems (where one converter is connected to two independent handheld transformers) are particularly well suited to bolt expansion. With such a system, an operator can work on two bolts at the same time - in effect achieving the productivity of two operators. Alternatively, two operators can work simultaneously, each with their own independent transformer.

Offshore exploration and development

Deck straightening Their proven Terac induction deck straightening system slashes the time needed to straighten welded metal plates. In fact, EFD Induction recently delivered just such a system to Keppel AmFELS in Brownsville, Texas. Keppel AmFELS will use the Terac to straighten the main decks and living quarter decks on their mobile offshore rigs.

A major application area for EFD Induction is the technically demanding area of weld seam normalizing for oil and gas pipe. Their advances in coil design and simulation modelling mean EFD Induction solutions offer minimal installation footprints and surface heating temperatures. The latter point is especially critical, due to the narrow tolerances of the new alloys and dimensions being used for oil and gas pipe.

EFD Induction's equipment is successfully employed in the North Sea for on-platform shrink fitting applications such as removing and replacing coupling hubs, sprockets, gears and thrust collars. Performing these tasks on the platform is a major cost saver, as components do not have to be shipped ashore.

seam normalisingEFD Induction equipment is also used for everything from weld heat treatment at spooling bases to overland and subsea pipe laying. Mobile Minac systems are ideal for these jobs, thanks to their compact size and compatibility with customized coils. Minacs are often used on pipe-laying vessels to cure pipe coatings, and for pre- and post-weld heat treatment for tie-ins.

Another example of mobile induction technology is a project where they helped implement a subsea hot tapping solution. The result enabled the welding of a branch pipe onto a 20ft main high-pressure gas pipe 145m below the surface of the North Sea without any interruption in the flow of gas.

Renewable energy solutions

EFD Induction equipment is widely used for brazing and hardening applications in the hydro- and wind-power industries. One example of their contribution to renewable energy is the hardening of large gears and rings for wind turbines. A patented EFD Induction hardening solution is also used to seamlessly harden large slewing rings, which results in rings that are free of so-called "soft zones". Their equipment also performs on-site repair and maintenance work at dams, power plants and wind farms.

Seamless hardening of large gearsThey are also active in the solar-power industry, and have developed a unique silicon purification technology for upgrading Metallurgical Grade Silicon to Solar Grade quality (SoG-Si). EFD Induction's commitment to solar energy is underlined by their involvement in the Photosil project, which uses a new process to manufacture solar photovoltaic panels at attractive prices.

The Photosil project is owned by an international consortium that includes Apollon Solar, Cyberstar, Ferro Atlantica, CEA (The French Nuclear Research Centre) and CNRS (The French National Research Centre).

brazing of series connectors


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