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AIR SENTRY – The Gold Standard in Contamination Control

Air Sentry® is a leading developer of contamination control products that keep particulate matter and excess moisture from the headspace inside vessels (gearboxes, drums, reservoirs, oil tanks, etc.) that hold lubricants, greases, hydraulic fluids, and fuels.

Since 1997, they have been in the business of preventative maintenance - preventing degradation of lubricating fluids by keeping dirt and moisture out. By helping to keep lubricants clean and dry, Air Sentry® products ensure longer fluid life and better lubrication over the course of that fluid life.This in turn extends the life of critical machinery and equipment, and significantly reduces life cycle costs.

Their product line includes nine series of desiccant breathers, anodized color-coded adapter kits, manifold adapters, and pressure vacuum indicating gauges. The innovative products by Air Sentry® save customers time and money.

A history of innovation

In May, Air Sentry® launched a revolutionary new desiccant breather series called Guardian™. It incorporates several industry-first features, enabling it to last much longer and significantly reduce cost and maintenance intervals. Guardian's modular design enables it to be customised to fit the specific needs of customers.


Air Sentry® has a history of design innovation. They were the first to integrate check valve technology into a breather and the first to offer replacement cartridges to reduce costs and environmental waste. Now they've taken the gold standard in breathers to the next level.

New breather. New rules. New standard.

Guardian is the first breather constructed of Tritan™ for the best combination of chemical, temperature and impact resistance on the market. While most desiccant breathers use an indicating dye that allows users to visually assess the condition of the desiccant; Guardian™ is the first and only breather with an integrated compound pressure/vacuum gauge, which provides a constant visual indicator of airflow performance.


The superior design also includes an industry first isolation check valve, which not only protects the adsorbent from exhaust air and lengthens the service life of the breather; it allows installation over most fuels and many other volatile or splashing fluids without harm to the desiccant. In addition, Guardian's replacement cartridges can be combined using our new Modular Stack Ring™. This extends the service life of each breather, further reducing cost and maintenance intervals.

Replacement Cartridges

Cross-Contamination prevention made easy

Their anodized color-coded series of closed system adapters, called ColorGuard™, allows immediate visual identification of contents to prevent cross contamination, while allowing filtration, filling, emptying, and sampling without opening the vessel to atmosphere. This streamlines maintenance and eliminates fluid handling issues. Air Sentry® offer drum, hydraulic reservoir, domed flange and gearbox adapter kits in eight distinct colors.

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Air Sentry
930 Whitmore Dr.
P.O. Box 9300
TX 75087
Tel: 1-855-242-2792
Email: sales@airsentry.com
URL: www.airsentry.com